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GST/Non-GST Invoices

Our billing software allows you to generate both GST/Non-GST invoices and seamless transition from Non-GST to GST invoice. You can add any number of items with different tax rates in same invoice.

Benefits :

1. Allows you to switch between Non-GST and GST smoothly.

2. Make sale transition easier from Non-GST to GST.

Multi-size Invoices

Hitech BillSoft comes with in-built multi-size invoice templates which allows you to generate A4, A5, and PoS receipt size invoices. Our unique dual channel printing engine supports 1000's of printers available in the market.

Benefits :

1. Saves paper and reduce printing cost.

2. Allows you to switch from A4 to PoS receipts in a click.

One Click Invoice

We at Hitech, understand the importance of fast billing and pressure you feels during rush hours. Hitech BillSoft comes with a unique feature which allows you to generate invoice in a click. In retail billing more than 43% bills can be generated using this feature.

Benefits :

1. Speedup client processing time.

2. Reduce pressure during rush hours.

Credit Sales

Credit sales are one of most important and neglected aspect of any business. Our billing software allows to track and manage your credit sales and keeps your overall credit exposure in check which reduces loss and risk of default.

Benefits :

1. Reduce your overall credit exposure.

2. Increases profitability by reducing credit defaults.

Profit and Loss Margin

Our billing software generates detailed report of profit and loss margin on sale of each and every item during a period which helps you in focusing more on areas where you are loosing.

Benefits :

1. Reduces chances of loss on sale of item.

2. Helps in increases overall profitability.

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